Personnel Secondment - what we offer

We act as an employer for your company / your organisation if and when hiring new staff becomes impossible or very tedious for you (for example due to internal regulations) but you still want to meet your company’s / your organisation’s needs flexibly.

We employ your current or newly recruited staff and outsource them to you for a definite or indefinite amount of time as part of our employee leasing programme.

This approach allows your core staff to continue working for you. Also, you can fill existing gaps in your team with just the person you need.

You will only be charged the actual costs in addition to a small fee to cover payroll accounting and human resource management.


Overview of our services and your advantages


  • Possibility for the staff to enter into an employment relationship with full social security coverage
  • Time-consuming administrative tasks such as contracts or human resource management taken care of by us
  • Proper and transparent payroll accounting
  • Lower headcount while keeping all your current employees or even expanding your team
  • Costs can be calculated precisely
  • Staff that meets your requirements


Core Competencies


We have extensive experience, profound knowledge of the local labour market and dispose of a good network in your respective field of expertise. This allows us to outsource just the right person to you - a person who does not only match your requirements but is also in line with the particularities of your chosen market.

We specialise in executives and specialized staff in the business segment of state-owned enterprises as well as organisations, companies and projects related to the European Union. In this area you can rely on our comprehensive national and international network. All services are offered in German as well as English!