Project and Financial Management - what we offer

Project Management

You have received a grant for your project?

Why don’t you concentrate on the content and we will take care of:

  • Coordination with your partners
    • Organising meetings and activities with your partners
    • Coordinating contractual arrangements
  • Monitoring the progress of your project
    • Monitoring the activities
    • Support in adapting your project
  • Reporting
    • Drawing up project reports
  • Communications
    • Designing a communication strategy
    • Organising project events and other PR measures


Financial Management:

Are you lost in a sea of legal provisions on how to correctly do the accounting for your project?

We would be delighted to share our expertise with you:

  • Financial management according to the eligibility rules
    • Drawing up manuals
    • Voucher audits
    • Financial monitoring
  • Review of the procurement process and contracts
    • Support during the procurement process
  • Help with project audits
    • Drawing up the documents necessary for the audit
    • Accompanying you during project audits
    • Final reports
  • Project completion with regard to finance
    • Drawing up the final statement of account